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1.200,000~1,500,000 won| [PART TIME] Native English Instructor for APRIL 2020 in Siheung city Job Descri...
[PART TIME] Native English Instructor for APRIL 2020 in Siheung city
Job Description
[PART TIME positions for Gyopo and Native teachers starting in APRIL 2020]
Nadia English is an English academy where teachers can incorporate creative teaching skill to teach in class. Nadia English is looking for professional and positive teachers in Bucheon(부천) and Siheung(시흥 )who wish to expand career into English education. We are located between Seoul and Incheon which takes less than an hour to go anywhere in the action. Public transportation including subways and express buses run every 2 minute to landmarks around Seoul. We are currently working with 2 native teachers, 2 Korean teachers. We are looking for teachers who are positive and fun to be with to have a blast with us!
[Requirements and Qualifications for position]
•Gyopo (F4) or Passport holders from English Speaking countries (US, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Ireland, and South Africa).
•Bachelor degree holder from English Speaking Countries (US, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Ireland, and South Africa).
•Must have Original Diploma which is notarized with an Apostille
•Criminal Background Check which is notarized with an Apostille
[Job Description]
•Students: Mostly Elementary (90%)
•Levels: Beginner~Advanced (Returnee)
•Class size: Only 8 Students per class (We strictly limit the number of the students in class to be able to manage and teach them properly.)
•Curriculum: All Curriculums and Books are planned and ready (training provided)
[Full-Time position in Bucheon and Siheung Branch]
•Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2:00p.m. ~ 6:00p.m. (12 working hours per week)
•Monthly Report for Native teachers
•Daily meeting to get updates and report issues
•Three to Five days Training before official class starts (All training hours are paid)
•Official starting date is 1st April 2020 in Siheung Branch
[Salary and Benefits]
•1.200,000~1,500,000 won depending on experience and qualification
•10 days school vacation / All national holidays and weekends off
•Professional teacher training
We are not like other English hagwons where teachers are forced to teach ridiculous difficult books for students who can't even read properly.
The main objective of our program is to make sure students have fun as they learn a new language. We don't teach English for any kind of tests or speaking exams.
Teachers who are looking for somewhere they can actually incorporate teaching skill to educate Korean students should apply :)
All meetings are conducted in English and you will be communicating with our kind experineced Gyopo head teacher if you have any issues with anything.
If interested, please send your resume and recent photo to email to apply!
PT | South Korea, Gyeonggi-do, Siheung-si, 은계 번영길 28
ID:257735 | 2020/03/26/07点
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