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5 million KRW| Great Position in Centum City Busan! We are seeking an instructor for our i-Gar...
Great Position in Centum City Busan!
We are seeking an instructor for our i-Garten campus in Centum City Busan
Competitive salaries starting at 2.2 million KRW
Rent-free semi-furnished housing close by the campus
50/50 contribution for the medical insurance & pension contribution
Severance bonus upon completion of a year contract
dedicated instructor HR department
curriculum and lesson plans provided along with advanced teaching
small class sizes (8-12 students / class on average)
Korean-speaking co-teacher inside the classroom
Monday to Friday schedule with all national holidays off plus i-GARTEN vacation days in winter and in summer
all contracts are for a minimum one year term
E2 sponsorship
Airfare reimbursement for instructors coming from overseas
housing assistance (either rent-free housing or 5 million KRW key money loan with higher monthly salary)
- be a native English speaker
- hold a valid passport from USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, or South Africa
- hold a minimum bachelor degree from an accredited university from one of the above countries
- have a clean national criminal record with Apostille or certification from Korean Consulate (depending on country)
NO CALLS: Please forward your resume and photo to email. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted
ID:257734 | 2020/03/26/07点
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