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Seoul EDU
2.36~2.68 million| [FT] Biz English Instructor [Job Description] Type of Class: Adult Business E...
[FT] Biz English Instructor
[Job Description]
Type of Class: Adult Business English & Communication Skills (Speaking)
Students: Business Professionals
Levels: Beginner/Intermediate/Upper-Intermediate
Class size: Group class and/or 1:1
Curriculum: Standardized Curriculum and Course Books (training provided)

[Basic Qualifications]
Candidates with prior Experience in corporate field (over 1 years) or teaching business English (over 1 years) is preferred
Bachelor’s degree in Business, Education or English is preferred
[FT] Seoul/Gyeonggi (서울/경기)
Other locations may be assigned depending on class schedule
Available Schedules:
Monday ~ Friday 7:00AM ~ 8:00PM (4 ~ 7 teaching hours / day)
Monday ~ Friday 11:00AM ~ 7:00PM (4 ~ 7 teaching hours / day)
Transportation is provided between Gangnam (or Jukjeon) and Namyang
(The shuttle leaves at 8:50AM from Gangnam and stops at Jukjeon on the way to Namyang)
Actual teaching hours may vary due to class schedule
The details of teaching locations will be discussed during the interview
Start Date: January, 2021
Training Start Date: December, 2020 at SPEP Apgujeong Center, Seoul
Based on 90 ~ 110 teaching hours: 2.36~2.68 million
(subject to change depends on lecture hours/office work hours)
Extra housing stipend of 400,000KRW will be provided for E2 and F visa only
Business trip fee compensated based on company policy
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