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Seoul EDU
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FEBRUARY INTAKE | Choose Your Desired Location | Quarantine Covered
Job Description
1. Role and Responsibilities
Chungdahm has three main academies based on different age levels and you can choose which one you'd like to work at!

iGarten: Pre-K to Kindergarten
Teach basic skills like phonics, reading, writing, listening, and speaking through games, music, and arts and crafts
Use hands-on activities to help students engage with what they're learning

April: Kindergarten to Elementary Grade 6
Guide students through projects that focus around a variety of integrated subjects such as video production and AR
Teach small class sizes using integrated technology in your classroom
Share teaching materials via Teacher's Portal, an integrated online learning system connected to each branch

CDI: Elementary Grade 3 to Middle School (Grade 9)
Teach students project-based learning to help students foster their talents
Guide students through debate and news discussion classes
Use and share media cards via Teacher's Portal, an integrated online learning system connected to each branch

2. Candidate Qualifications
Must be a citizen from: U.S.A., Canada, the U.K., Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, or South Africa
Must have a background check with an apostille and a copy of your university diploma with an apostille READY TO GO
TESOL/TEFL/Teacher certification not required

3. Working Conditions
Working Hours:
Chungdahm Learning: 2-10 PM
April Institute: 1-9 PM
i-Garten: 9 AM-6 PM

4. Salary and Benefits
Salary: From 2.2 Million KRW
Insurance and Financial: Insurance and pension are matched by the employer
Contract Completion Bonus: Yes
Vacation: 5 days, and all weekends
Housing: A studio apartment will be provided (includes A/C and heating, a fridge, a stovetop, a washing machine, and a bed)

5. Special Notice:
Quarantine is fully paid for and you will be coming over to Korea the first or second weekend of whatever month you come over.
Training: 1 week of paid training for all new teachers takes place the week before your teaching start date.
You must be able to submit a 1 to 1.5 minute self-introduction video after an initial interview with our team.

6. Locations:
Seoul is the heart of Korea where all the action is! You'll have access to great transportation, food venues, and cafes all over the city.

Enjoy suburban life in Gyeonggi-do, which surrounds Seoul. You can easily get into Seoul to explore the city and you can find a variety of hidden areas with great food, cafes, and other opportunities.

Located right next to Seoul, Incheon offers a cityscape and you can explore the beaches on the coast. You can also get into Seoul within an hour, and is connected via subway.

Located to the east of Seoul, Gangwon offers great scenery and hiking opportunities. Gangwon is also close to the east coast, and you can hop on over to Gangneung to enjoy the beach.

Located in the middle of Korea, Sejong is a new city that offers beautiful architecture, parks and museums. Sejong is also known for its festivals and spas.

Located right above Busan, Daegu has some awesome viewpoints over looking the city, including E-World 83 tower, Apsan Park, and Front Mountain Observatory. Daegu is known for its azalea festival in spring.

Ulsan is a coastal city northeast of Busan. Impressive beaches and clear water make Ulsan a wonderful destination for those who are looking for city life right next to the coast.

The second largest city of Korea is where you can find great beaches and fantastic seafood. Enjoy artsy and cultural places in Busan. Did I mention you can grab the KTX straight to Seoul within 3 hours?

Enjoy life in peaceful Gwangju, where you can check out great temples, hanok villages, beautiful scenery, and mural villages. Gwangju is also known to have cheaper and tastier food compared to other provinces!
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