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32,000,000won a year| Young Hoon International School Foreign Teacher Job Description 2021 March Ope...
Young Hoon International School Foreign Teacher
Job Description
2021 March Opening
1. Introduction
Young Hoon International Middle School (YHIMS) is a private Middle School located in Seoul, Korea, servicing students in grade 7 to grade 9. It is one of the two special international middle schools authorized by the Seoul Metropolitan of Education, under a National Education Curriculum. With such recognition, we have a mixed faculty of Korean and Foreign teachers working together to nurture our students to achieve their academic goals with a sense of global leadership. Our students learn in both languages: Korean and English. We have a total of 15 foreign faculty members partnered with Korean teachers to cooperate as a subject teacher and a homeroom teacher. We are currently looking for competent and enthusiastic teachers to join our team.
2. Subject
For March 2021, we have vacancies for the following position:
- Science
- International Studies

3. Requirements
A bachelor degree or above in the associated field of study
Suitable for E-2 visa conditions
Additional teaching certificate, education related degree, or CELTA, TESOL certificates
Prior teaching experience is desirable
4. Conditions and Benefits
Contract Period: 2021.03.01~ 2022.02.28 with an opportunity to re-sign a one-year or a two- year contract.
22 teaching hours a week, with extra income opportunities through extra-curricular school program.
Paid Winter and Summer Camp (Mandatory)
Cooperative work environment with both English-speaking and Korean-speaking teachers.
Paid vacation (3 weeks for summer and 5 weeks for winter), Korean national holidays off, and 3 days of annual leaves. (Sick leaves and special vacations for wedding, death, birth, and etc. is provided separately)
Overtime pay is provided and overnight trips are paid as well.
Competitive salary scale with considerations to experience. (With no work experience minimum 32,000,000won a year)
Monthly housing allowance of 600,000 KRW is provided.
Professional development fee of 200,000 KRW per year.
5. How to apply
Please submit the following documents by email before November 30th, 2020.
Application form
DOWNLOAD the attached application form. Make sure to edit the file name.
[YHIMS FT_(Subject)_(Surname)] (e. g. YHIMS FT_English_Surname)
※ You can also download the application form via our school website:
Photocopies of appropriate degrees and qualifications (e.g. teaching license)
A photocopy of the passport (the page with the photo of the applicant)
A photocopy/scan of transcript (sealed transcript will be required after the assessment)
Qualifying teachers will later be asked to give a 15-minute demo lesson for the interview. If applying from overseas, the school will process an online interview and a demo lesson.
Send application to email
The school will contact prospective applicants individually via email to arrange the interview dates. If you submit your application earlier than the due date, there is a possibility that we will reach you earlier than November 30th.
For further questions, contact the Immersion Program Coordinator through

Young Hoon International Middle School: March 2021 Openings
FT/PT Possible | 19, Dobong-ro13ga-gil, Gangbuk-gu, Seoul 01211, Korea
ID:265792 | 2020/11/27/16点
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