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Korea Herald Kids Video Classes
Job Description
Korea Herald-Flip Education, a language-education company based in Seoul, is seeking professional,
reliable and personable English teachers who are capable of video classes in South Korea!
We are running an online 1:1 English-education program for children ages 8-14.
Our video classes are 20 minutes each and teachers are expected to teach a pre-selected
textbook focusing on the basics of speaking, vocabulary, reading, and grammar use.
The class schedule is fixed for each student for online classes but we offer an optional program which
teachers can have f2f class with their student once a month at a designated spot.
★ Location: All area (At your place), teaching online
★ Platform: Zoom
★ Hours: Please put hours you’re available.
★ Education: Bachelor’s degree or higher
★ Experience: At least 2 years of experience teaching children
★ Other requirements: Applicant must be a native English speaker who is good with children and hold a minimum
of bachelor's degree from an accredited four-year university.
As a class option is given to the students to meet the teacher off-line once a month (1 hour/40,000)
Please include the information on your current location.
Please include your contact number as well as the hours you’re available for work in your email.
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