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Seoul EDU
2.5~3.5+ Million Won| Immediate Opening for Educator with Korean Speaking Ability Job Description Ex...
Immediate Opening for Educator with Korean Speaking Ability
Job Description
Executive Summary:
Immediate Opening for Qualified Educators currently in Korea with Korean Language Ability.
Ability or Experience Teaching Korean Grammar is a Plus
Salary: 2.5~3.5+ Million Won (Commensurate with experience and degree)
Bonuses and Benefits: All basic benefits (Listed Below) + bonuses based on performance
Hours: 1pm to 8:30pm | 6 teaching hours per day. (No split shifts / No extra weekend classes)
Location: Cheongju which is located 1 hour away from Gangnam via bus. It is a “Suburb-like” city just south of Seoul, with everything necessary for a comfortable stay in Korea. Most of our teachers are from Tri-State Area and are accustomed to city life, they have no issues with this area due to its easy accessibility (airport, ktx, and bus station) and close proximity to shops and restaurants.
About the Academy:
The Academy: Established in 2015, the academy is AMERICAN owned and operated. The owner is also an educator and teaches classes directly, so the various perspectives and concerns of students, teachers, and parents are understood. The teachers are all professionals with either degrees / masters / phd’s in Education or 10+ years of teaching. The Academy always has a huge waiting list of students and only opens new classes once capable teachers are found.
Curriculum / Teaching: The academy does not use a standard/typical KOREAN curriculum. The curriculum has been developed by the teachers over the past 5 years and has been proven to be effective and reliable. The teachers that have developed this curriculum have years of experience working at some of the top name brand academies, and have sought to improve upon or fill in missing areas of those curriculums.
Some of the best students in the province come from the academy and the academy is on track to become an officially recognized TOSEL (National Test) Honorary Academy, due to their student’s success. When the students speak or give presentations, nothing is memorized and rehearsed. All students at the speaking level are truly able to speak. On averages students are at the Emergent Language level within 2years. Students that study at the academy have gone overseas and were accepted into their respective grade levels without the need for additional ESL help.
Teachers are given freedom in their class curriculum and direction, and the academy has several core “modules” that the teachers can utilize to teach their classes. The “modules” are typically fun game-based classes that are effective and educational.
Preferred Qualifications:
Degree in Education, English, Linguistics, and or related
The ability to handle diverse teaching situations and seek teaching opportunities.
TEFL/TESOL Certificates
Masters/Phd Degrees a plus.
At least 3 years of experience teaching young children
Fun and Energetic Personality. This is crucial as most of the classes are game based.
A True Desire to Help Students with a Warm Heart
Must be good with computers. Microsoft Office / Zoom / Etc
Please submit requests for more information or resumes to email
Ochangjungang-ro 115-10, Ochang-eup, Cheongwon-gu
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