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Seoul EDU
4,000,000KRW per month and 12,000,000KRW| [2021 Summer Program] Junior Literature & Subjects Teaching Position in Seoul [...
[2021 Summer Program] Junior Literature & Subjects Teaching Position in Seoul
[Summer Intensive Program Offers:]
New SAT (Reading, Writing & Math)
AP Subjects
Junior Literature
Candidates who can teach math or science are preferred
Must be eligible to work in Korea with an appropriate visa or must be a Korean national
Must hold minimum of Bachelor degree and original Diploma (notarized with an Apostille)
Must have clean nationwide criminal background check (with an Apostille)
[Location /Class Schedule]
Seoul, Gangnam-gu near Apgujeong Station (subway Line. no. 3)
Must be available to teach five days a week for approximately 30 ~ 40 hours per week
Actual teaching hours may vary due to class schedule and employee’s performance
Further details of class schedule, size, etc., will be discussed during the interview
[Training & Session Schedule]
All candidates must attend mandatory training
June Training: May 31 ~ June 11
Option 1 (June and July Session): June 14 ~ August 06 (2 months)
July Training: June 28 ~ July 9
Option 2 (July and August Session): July 12 ~ August 25 (2 months)
Dates are subject to change according to summer schedule
25,000KRW / hour
Instructor may work up to 40 hours a week and make up to 4,000,000KRW per month and 12,000,000KRW for three months of work
Airfare & housing support
Paid professional teacher training
Weekly & monthly reward for best teachers
Continental breakfast on teaching days
Korean Health Insurance and Pension Plan
Welcome packet and company uniform
New teachers’ settlement support program
Visa Sponsorship
[Airfare Reimbursement]
Company will provide instructor with economy class airfare between Seoul, Korea to instructor’s home country’s international airport.
Round-trip : Eligible for instructors working 3 months of the Summer Intensive
One-way: Eligible for instructors working 2 months of Summer Intensive
All airfare reimbursements will be provided after successful completion of contracted term.
[Housing Support]
Company will provide housing stipend or accommodation for instructors for the duration of employment. The company provided housing will be dormitory-style studio apartments in Gangnam-gu area.
FT/PT Possible |
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