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Seoul EDU
2.4 million KRW per month + 700,000 housing allowance (housing allowance begins in March)| Homeroom Teacher/PE Teacher Job Description Are you a qualified and experience...
Homeroom Teacher/PE Teacher
Job Description
Are you a qualified and experienced English teacher currently living in Seoul, South Korea? Uchon Elementary School is a newly renovated private elementary school located in Seongbuk-Gu, Seoul, close to Line 4 (Blue line), Hansung University and Sungshin Women’s University subway station.Most teachers who apply to our school are looking to gain experience as a twenty-first century homeroom teacher of English language learners. Teachers are expected to have achieved a degree or certification in education, prioritize ongoing professional development, and are open to working alongside a Korean Co-Teacher.Our program values student learning and prioritizes the role of literacy in language education. We currently host a rich foundation of language, affording students time to do real, meaningful, engaging reading and writing on a daily basis through the workshop approach. Uchon Elementary School prioritizes authentic, hands-on learning, valuing the student-centered experience in all subjects, including science and global citizenship.We are seeking experienced primary & upper elementary school homeroom teachers to join our amazing team of professional educators. Our new school year begins at the beginning of March, and we will begin orientation in the latter half of February.
Position(s): (All grades) Homeroom Teacher(s) and a PE Teacher (native English speaker)
Location: Seongbuk-gu, Seoul
Term of Employment: March1st, 2022 to February 28th, 2023 (with orientation from Feb. 22~25,28)
Salary: 2.4 million KRW per month + 700,000 housing allowance (housing allowance begins in March)
Work Hours: 8:00-4:30 (M-F)
Teaching Hours: 24 class hours per week max (1 class hour=40 min)
Class Size: 25 students (approx.)
Holidays: approx. 7-8 weeks paid vacation
Sick Days: 5 paid sick days (reimbursed 600,000 won if not used)
Benefits: Medical Insurance - 50/50 split; Pension - 50/50 split
Certification Bonus: Candidates able to provide an accredited teaching certification/licensure specializing in areas related to elementary education (with area of specialization, license number and expiration date included) with an apostille may be given a 200,000 won monthly bonus. Whether or not the certification meets all requirements for a bonus is ultimately the administration’s decision.
[About PE Position]
This position requires knowledge of a variety of sports, games and other relevant and appropriate activities for students to develop and improve their social, physical and language skills.  
The PE teacher would be required to follow a set of curriculum standards, and collaborate with the English administration, as well as our teams of English homeroom teachers.
A teacher should only apply if you meet the following:
1. Presently working and living in Korea.
2. Three years or more teaching experience in Korea (elementary school experience preferred)
3. BS/BA degree (Education, English or Linguistics is preferred).
4. 120 hour TEFL/TESOL or U.S./Canadian domestic teacher’s certification (highly preferred)
5. Paperwork organized, scanned and ready to be submitted via email.
6. Willing to teach a demo class on site with real students
7. TBPE & TB Result
*We will only reply to those professionals who meet the criteria above. 
## Subject line should include: Full name, nationality, visa type, number of years in Korea, teaching experience in Korea and your cell number.
## Also, attach a document or scanned copy of the required items listed below:
1. Cover letter, current resume, and two reference letters
2. Recent photo
3. Passport (profile page)
4. Alien registration card (backside with visa dates)
5. Degrees or certifications clearly scanned
 Documents you will need to prepare ASAP for after the interview, if further considered:
1. Diploma with Apostille Seal
2. Domestic Federal Criminal Background Check with Apostille Seal
3. 120 hour TEFL/TESOL or domestic teacher’s certification
4. Passport plus visa page
5. Alien Registration Card (front and back)
6. Scanned university transcripts
Contact Person: Charlie Chulwoo Park
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