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2,500,000 to 2,700,000 KRW (monthly)| English Teacher (Kid's Cafe) Job Description Crevill is a premium English kid'...
English Teacher (Kid's Cafe)
Job Description
Crevill is a premium English kid's cafe that provides children with an interactive English learning experience. Crevill's program gives children an enjoyable experience through art and other activities, all while exposing them to cultural diversity through interactions with native English speakers. I am the owner of the Crevill branch in Cheongju at the Hyundai Department Store, and I am looking for energetic and motivated individuals to join our team. Crevill is an upbeat and fun place to work, as it is refreshingly different from the typical school or hagwon job. There is minimal class prep, and never any work/preparation that needs to be done outside of scheduled hours. 
Roles and Responsibilities:
-Meet and greet
-Lead interactive experience zones/mini classes (curriculum is provided)
-Interact with and play with children
-Assist with mild facility upkeep and cleaning
Qualifications and Skills:
-Native English speaker (Fluent non-native speakers may apply.)
-H1 or F visa (We do not support E2 visas.)
-Must be highly energetic and love working with children
-Full-time salary: 2,500,000 to 2,700,000 KRW (monthly)
-Days: 5 days a week (can negotiate days, must include one weekend day)
-Hours: Weekdays 10:30AM-7:30PM/Weekends 11AM-8PM (This includes one hour break.)
*PLEASE NOTE: Peak hours are the weekends and national holidays. Therefore, full-time candidates will be required to work one weekend day, and possibly on national holidays.
-1 year contract, with one month severance pay upon completion of contract
-50% health insurance coverage, national pension
-Housing not provided
-11 days paid vacation
To apply, please email your resume to Haru Ban at email.

Contact Person: Haru Ban
Jikji-daero, Heungdeok-gu, Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea Jikji-daero
ID:274079 | 2022/01/15/09点
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