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negotiation| ASAP: F4 / Bilingual teachers [Daechi/Elementary/Middle School] Job Description...
ASAP: F4 / Bilingual teachers [Daechi/Elementary/Middle School]
Job Description
Reading Town is a leader in private education with a number of branches around the globe. Among all of its highly regarded branches, SP Daechi Reading Town sets itself apart from the other branches of Reading Town in its exclusive, direct partnership with Saint Paul Preparatory Seoul School, Seoul Academy, and its location in Daechi, the mecca of prestigious private education in Korea.
At 1) SP. Daechi Reading Town all of our faculty members are highly educated professionals, most hold Masters of Education or English degrees from the United States or in South Korea. We have many years of teaching experience in highly competitive fields like Daechi in Gangnam, Seoul, Korea. We love our job and know how to communicate and delicately treat each faculty member. From our years of experience, we find it imperative that everyone is treated fairly and respectfully.
In recent breakout of COVID-19, it was a challenging time for many of us in this field of business. It has caused many businesses laying off countless number of teachers and closing until further notice throughout South Korea. However, our company and all of faculty members saw this as a great opportunity to gleam by distinguishing ourselves. Thus, we are also able to create a systematized online learning environment for our students.
Moreover, we have successfully launched our 2) second branch named Groton Academy in 2016, located near the main center. The branch is targeted for gifted and talented students to acquire various English skills through Debate & Presentation, Project-based Learning, and Subject Learning (ex. Science Experiments). At Groton Academy, students can enroll in our Honors program which is designed from American text books and New Pathway which is created for gifted and talented students between 1st and 5th grade.
Furthermore, in spring of 2020, we have launched our third premium program, 3) Swaton International Academy. At Swaton International Academy, we offer and guide personalized guidance to students who are preparing to study abroad or attend international schools in South Korea. Moreover, at Swaton International Academy, not only do we guide students with their school projects, but we also offer and assist each individual student to create professional essay based on their individual characteristics and learning style.
Available Positions
: Full-time Teacher (Mon-Fri 1pm-9pm or 1:30pm-9:30pm,
with or without bi-weekly Sat 10:30-2:30)
Job Overview
Location: Daechi, Seoul
Working Hours: (Full-time) Mon to Fri. 1pm-9pm or 1:30pm-9:30pm
With or without bi-weekly: Sat.10:30 AM - 2:30 PM
Salary: Our salary range is competitive in the Daechi area
Qualifications for Native Teachers /Bilingual Teachers
-Should have lifelong love of learning and interacting with children
-Should be able to teach in 100% English
-BA degree or higher
-Experiences of teaching Elementary students American Textbooks preferred
-Certified Teachers preferred
To Apply:
Please send your resume to email and we will contact candidates individually for interviews.
-Please attach the following to the email:
Your resume
A recent photo of yourself
Self-introduction/cover letter
4. Desired salary
1019-9 Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
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