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Seoul EDU
2.3 Million~ (+500,000 won "Housing Allowance" or Housing)| Full-time Native English Teacher 1) Working Hours (Monday - Friday) 2) Morning...
Full-time Native English Teacher
1) Working Hours (Monday - Friday)
2) Morning shift : 7am-4pm(W/F) 8am-5pm(M/T/Th)
3) Night sghift : 1pm-10pm(M~F)
35 hours will be open for class bookings, however, you will only be required to come in when you have classes.
Working hours depend on booking rates, teachers tend to work between 30~35 hours a week.
2.3 Million~ (+500,000 won "Housing Allowance" or Housing)
Starting date
Sep 5th~
Insured with the 4 National Insurances
Severance paid upon completion of a year contract
Vacation: 12days plus National Korean Holidays (15 Days in the second year)
Private office space
All national holidays are off
Additional pay for Sat classes

Job Description
If qualified & interested in any of the positions below,
please send an email at with the following:
1. Recent resume
2. Recent photo
3. Date of Birth
4. Visa status
5. Mobile number w/best time to contact
6. Indicate interested position in the subject line (Full/Part)

Only short-listed applicants will be contacted.
Thank you for your understanding :)
-Location: 5mins walk from Bundang Seohyun Station, 20-30mins from Gangnam
-Applicants must have all required documents
(Apostilled Federal Criminal Background Check and Apostilled Diploma)
-Looking for fun, passionate, and caring teachers.
Virtedco is a specialized Academy for enhancing English speaking fluency skills.
The VLC offers both 'General' English Speaking and 'Business' English speaking programs.
We also provide specialized 1:1 coaching programs.
Classes are not 'fixed' but rather utilize a flexible scheduling system, which allows students to choose their class times. Each class is 55 minutes long and may have a maximum of 4 students.
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