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negotiation| Recruiting Passionate OPIc Teacher Job Description Honey Biz HRD has a vision ...
Recruiting Passionate OPIc Teacher
Job Description
Honey Biz HRD has a vision of supporting "the growth of organizations and 
the growthe of individuals" for companies.
We are a team that make and provide foreign language education.
Based on OPIc know-how accumulated since 2009, 
we developed new OPIc course called  "영어사관학교". 
Our client is not only for Samsung Group, 
but also for various companies such as Lotte and CJ,
We're getting an explosive response.
As of December 2021, the number of students who participated in the
 "영어사관학교" was more than 15,000 people which is limited to 
Samsung Group and has conducted about 2,000 courses.
The average satisfaction level is higher than 90.
We are recruiting instructors who want to teach OPIc and grow with us.
"OPIc Instructor"    
- A person who never gets tired of long lectures and teaches passionately
- Someone who takes care of the students' assignments
- If it's for the growth of a student, willing to do anything
- Someone who is doing his best to get results
- Someone who knows how to work in cooperation with others 
- A person who has at least one year of experience in teaching in an English conversation group;
- OPIc lecture career irrelevant"
[How to apply]
- Send Resume
[Mandatory condition]
-Instructor training required before OPIc lectures (details of future interviews)"
[OPIc lecture Benefit ]
- Pay up per hour when you achieve results!!
- Intensive Course
     Weekend 2-day lectures or weekday evening classes"
Any questions, contact
해석빌딩 5층 허니비즈HRD 사무실, 서울시 강남구 봉은사로30길 64
ID:275796 | 2022/08/03/09点
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