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Seoul EDU
2,60 KRW - 3,20 KRW depending on experience and qualifications| ■ Starting Date : Middle of Aug ■ Working Hours : 07.40-16.40 ■ Teaching ag...
■ Starting Date : Middle of Aug
■ Working Hours : 07.40-16.40
■ Teaching age group : Elementary school students - High school students
■ Vacation : 3 weeks for winter, 3 weeks for summer, 1 weeks for spring, New years day 1weeks, chuseok 1 weeks etc.
■ Salary : 2,60 KRW - 3,20 KRW depending on experience and qualifications. 
■ Benefit : Visa sponsorship, Severance payment, National pension, Health insurance, Paid vacation, Accommodation provided or Housing allowance, Round-trip airfare support.

Job Description
Best recruitment agency in South Korea.
At Bridge we are highly experienced with connecting teachers to companies and schools. Our aim is to be there with you throughout the whole process. Bridge has job offers for all ages from toddler to adults and positions have opened for 2022-2023 now. positions for Full time, Part time, Camp, business english, one o one, and variety subject teachers such as English, Literature, History, Science, Math, Biology, Music, Art, etc.

Candidate Qualifications
✔eligible applicants for the E-2 visa; United Kingdom, Australia, United states, Canada, New zealand, Ireland and South Africa citizenship, resident for at least 10 years. who reside for over 10 years. Or F-visa holders.
✔ Have a minimum of a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. ; Have all documents ready with an apostilled criminal background check and diploma that are allowed in the Korea consulate.
✔ Must have a clean background check, Must be physically and mentally healthy.
You can ask whether to know of any current or future opportunities or to have an informational interview. send us your CV(resume) and a cover letter, photo to email 
2,20 KRW - 5,50 KRW
Most positions will have major insurance paid and possible to get help likewise with airfare support. However, some positions may not support benefits.
Housing Provided, Housing Allowance Provided
Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea
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