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Seoul EDU
4.0 million +| Corporate-Ran Campus/ Curriculum Coaching Manager/ Curriculum Development/ Quali...
Corporate-Ran Campus/ Curriculum Coaching Manager/ Curriculum Development/ Qualified Teachers Wanted/Supervisor Role/ Competitive Salaries/ Work & Life Balance/Full-time Experienced English Teachers: Location in ONLY Seoul and Gyeonggi
Job Opportunity
Learning & Co. runs 7 corporate campuses around Seoul and Gyeonggi area in September 2023. We are seeking qualified experienced teachers who can manage and train all of the teaching staff through this position:
Curriculum Coaching Manager (7 positions available)
1. Qualifications:
Possess a bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited college
Have experience teaching in public/private schools or private academy
Or possess a teacher certification
Residence Status
F-Series Visa
Duties& Responsibilities
Work five days weekly (Monday-Friday, from 9:00-18:00)
Responsible for Pre-K to elementary curriculum improvement
Train and design the curriculum for various training teachers and staff members.
Encourage a strong relationship between staff and administration.
Edit and approve the curriculum to verify that it meets headquarter’s requirements
Supervise teachers and staff and conduct curriculum development
Oversee a team that conducts training and assesses the effectiveness of instruction by observing the performance of employees who have gone through a curriculum
2. Remuneration & Benefits
Monthly salary is negotiable starting at 4.0 million Korean Won.
Health insurance is split 50/50 between the employer and employee.
National pension is provided based on nationality (e.g., US, Canada) and is also split 50/50 between the employer and employee. The employee can collect the full amount, including both the school's contribution and employee share.
The position offers national holidays plus additional paid vacation time based on seniority.
Eligible severance pay is provided after fulfilling one year of employment.
3. Training Period
Attendance is mandatory for the training period which lasts two months (July and August).
During this period, employees will receive 50% of their monthly salary.
4. Application (send via email)
Required Documents:
Updated resume with photo、
Cover letter with at least one reference
Copy of passport or alien card (if you non-Korean)
Short essay explaining your personal philosophy of Education.
University transcript
A copy of the teacher’s certificate (If you have one)
5. Contact information
Learning & Co.
4.0 million +
Health insurance, severance, vacation, lunch provided
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