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Seoul EDU
2.4~3.2million KRW (Negotiable)| Full-time Native Speaker,Gyeonggi-do,Chung Dahm Institute Dongtan2 Branch Job D...
Full-time Native Speaker,Gyeonggi-do,Chung Dahm Institute Dongtan2 Branch
Job Description
We are looking for some teachers who are very energetic, motivated and sincerely love students.
Employment benefits:
Salary : 2.4~3.2million KRW (Negotiable) - The salary will be changed according to qualifications and experience.
Housing: Single apartment is provided.
Flight : One flight after the complete of contract.
Insurance/Pension/Severance/Paid Vacation (11 days per year)
Job description (Full Time):
Starting date : 1) June 2023 ASAP 2) 28th of August 3) 27th of November
E2, F4 visa holders are always welcome
Location: Dongtan2 New Town, Hwa Seong - Si, Gyeonggi-do
Students are aged from 10-16 years old.
Working hours : 24~27 hours per week from Monday to Friday, 3:00~10:00pm.
Class : 10~13 students
Native English speakers, E2/ F4/ F5/ F6(Native English speaking nations Only) Visa Holder
Entry or 1-2 years teaching experiences in Korea(Elementary/Middle prefer)
Diligent, consistent and devote themselves to complete 1 full year
How to apply:
Attach below listed documents and Send it to email
CV with recent photos
ARC & Passport copy
Self- introduction video is required
You will have a good working experience here with Chung Dahm Institute Dongtan2 Branch.
If you are interested in this position, please send your resume and recent photo to us.

2.4~3.2million KRW (Negotiable)
Insurance paid, Severance paid, Vacation days-11days, Teaching training provided
Housing Provided
Single apartment is provided. 3-5 minutes away from school.
678-1, Yeongcheon-dong,, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
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