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2.8 million ~ 3.4 million based upon| Kinder Homeroom Teacher Job Description ASP Gwanggyo is looking for passionate...
Kinder Homeroom Teacher
Job Description
ASP Gwanggyo is looking for passionate and energetic full-time teachers for our Kinder classes.
We offer a competitive salary along with the benefit of being a homeroom teacher in control of your class and lessons.
We’re looking for a teacher who:
is creative, personable, gregarious, and energetic
is a quick-thinking problem-solver
has at least 2 years of previous experience in Korea
can understand the children's needs, while also being able to push them to think critically and creatively
is independent, doesn't need much guidance, and is a self-starter
genuinely loves students
is currently located in Korea
What we can offer you:
creative control at the Kinder level
structure for those who want some boundaries (we have an after-school program that has a set curriculum, but still allows a lot of wiggle room for the teachers to be creative)
great co-workers who are all extremely supportive
free lunch and long vacation
*Required Qualifications:
Native English Speaker
BA/BS from a 4-year university in one of the seven E2 countries
A degree in a field related to education OR a teaching degree is a plus [higher starting salary]
Starting Date: ASAP, Flexible
Work Hours:
9am - 6pm OR
8:30am - 5:30pm
2.8 - 3.4 million KRW/month (negotiable)
20 days of vacation (2 weeks in the winter, 1 week in the spring, 1 week in the summer) + ALL Korean holidays
Medical insurance, pension, and severance (given after the completion of the contract)
Housing and/or housing allowance (depending on what you need)
Located in the suburbs (35 minutes away from Sinsa, but with all of the perks of city-living without the noise and traffic)

2.8 million ~ 3.4 million based upon experience/negotiable
-4 weeks of paid vacation + all Korean holidays
-high starting salary
Housing Provided, Housing Allowance Provided
Gwanggyo Maeulro 27
ID:278665 | 2023/11/04/23点
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