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Seoul EDU
45-50,000 won| Seoul,Seongnam,Bundang,Yongin,Misa,Special class Opportunity position. location...
Seoul,Seongnam,Bundang,Yongin,Misa,Special class Opportunity position.
location: Seoul,Suseo,Seungnam,Incheon,Suwon,Misa,Namyangju area.
date: Full time: 9-5pm/10-4pm/1-6pm /2.6-3.0million.
Part time: Mon-Friday(10-12pm) / in 1-4pm.
pay: per 45,000-50,000 won / experence teaching teachers.
**Special class
1. location:1)location 위례 area10-12
2)Bokjeong st area (everymonth lastweek Monday)
12.40-2.40pm/ pay:per hour 50,000won(E2,F5,F6)
2.location: 1)location:독립문st area(everymonth 1times/2schools)
10-12/1-2 tota; 3hours.
3.location:1)면목 st Tue 1hour forth week
2)사가정st Tue 1.5hours second week/per 50,000won.
*location: Songpa area
date: Friday12.30-3pm/per50,000won
*location:Gangil,Gangdong st area
date: Mon,Friday 12.30-2.30pm/per50,000won
*location: Amsa area
date: Friday 1-3pm/50,000won
*location:Wangshipni st area
date: Friday 1-3pm/per45,000won
*location: Borame park area
date: Friday 12.30-2pm / per 50,000 won
* location: Saejeul st area
Tue12.30-2.30/Wed or Friday/per50,000won.
** Part time class is send me your available weekday schedule.
we can match for your time.**
**Full time position**
1. Class information: Mon-Fri 10-5pm / 2-6pm / 2-8pm (teaching 30 hours)
2. Option: housing or housing allowance
after 1 year bonus, 10 days paid vacation
round ticket airfare, health insurance
salary 2.5-3.0won
**Company, Private, Part-time position**
location: Seoul, Bundang area / Group, tutoring / payment per 45-50,000 won
level: Basic Kindergarden-Adults speaking
If you are interested in this,please send me your resume,recnt photo,eactly available date,time.please.
and please refer to what position you apply for.
Best regards
Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, South Korea
ID:278979 | 2024/02/20/16点
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